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Girma Eshetu 333g bag

Girma Eshetu is a farmer in western Ethiopia. Increasingly well-known for his bright and beautiful coffees, this is our second year bringing Girma to our menu. Before coffee, Girma was an engineer and machinist, and he applies this background to continue innovating in the field. We think this year’s cup tastes like lemonade, cantaloupe, and honeysuckle.

Tasting notes:

TasteTastes like lemonade, cantaloupe and honeysuckle


Girma Eshetu is an engineer, machinist, tinkerer, coffee grower, and overall dazzling guy. His career started in a beer brewery, moved through a self-funded Masters in Mechanical Engineering, and culminated in what Girma believes is his ancestral homeland - fittingly shared with the purported birthplace of coffee itself - Keffa, Ethiopia. Girma’s venture toward coffee production began during his decades as an engineer in Addis Ababa, when he developed coffee processing equipment under the label GEM (Girma Eshetu Manufacturing), now seen throughout the country. Since settling in Keffa, Girma has steered his 120 hectares of land toward better production year after year, while also improving accommodations and hygienic infrastructure for his employees. Girma’s coffee is certified organic, and consistently tastes like a burst of pure blissful summertime, no matter when it hits the menu.


Farm Size120 hectares
Varietal(s)Heirlooms 74110 & 74112
KG's Purchased840
Processing Methodwashed
Arrived at Dispatch November 2019

Who it's From

ExporterGirma Eshetu
ImporterCrop to Cup
ProcessedOn site
Farm SystemSingle estate
Relationship DurationSecond year
Number of Contributors25 families

Where it's From

Elevation1950m - 2100m
Sub-regionBita Genet